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Problems to look for before purchasing rental properties in Atlanta in 2022

System - Friday, July 29, 2022

Are you planning on purchasing rental properties in Atlanta, or the surrounding area? If so, even though rental homes continue to be the best investment in 2022, the reality is that there are several problems that you should look for including the following.

Bad Neighborhoods

The first thing to be on the lookout for before purchasing a rental property is a bad neighborhood because it may be a great property but if it’s in a bad location, you’re going to have a difficult time renting that home and keeping it occupied with great tenants.

Take the time to research neighborhoods yourself and if you live nearby, you shouldn’t hesitate to drive there during different times of the day to find out what it would feel like to live there yourself.

Bad School Districts

School districts are important because a great school district will always attract tenants who have children and the right school district will also increase the value of your property as well.

To avoid buying a property that’s part of a bad school district, it’s best to take the time to research school districts online and find out what people are saying about the school district before you decide to buy a property there.

Make sure that you're reviewing comments written by parents who live in the local area because it doesn't make sense to take comments into consideration that were written by people who live out of the area.

Problems With The Property

Smells – A smelly property can most often be fixed by doing basic things like repainting but some smells can persist so it’s best to have the property inspected before you decide to purchase it.

Mold – Some mold can be cleaned away while other forms of mold can be a sign of something worse so before saying yes to buying a moldy property, it’s best to contact a mold abatement property before investing in it.

Bad Roof – Every home is going to need a roof at some point, if the rental property that you want to purchase needs a roof, it’s best to consider if you’re willing to spend the money needed to replace it, or should you continue looking for another property?

Ugly Cabinets – Thankfully, cabinetry can always be fixed. You can either refinish it yourself or replace it with new cabinets. Ugly cabinets are an easy fix that will save you thousands while you own the home.

Bad Foundation - Flooring can always be replaced but bad foundations can be very costly to repair and they can eat up your budget quickly. 

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