Dispossessory Evictions In Atlanta

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Owning Atlanta area rental properties is an excellent way to build wealth while establishing passive monthly cash flow but dispossessory evictions can eat into your cash flow fast and they are often time consuming to resolve.

If you’re facing a dispossessory eviction in Atlanta, we can assist you with all of your eviction needs from serving your tenant with a pay or quit notice, representing your best interest in court, removing the tenant from your rental property, and removing their belongings from the property as well.

Don’t Go Through Dispossessory Evictions In Atlanta Alone

Dispossessory evictions in Atlanta Georgia can take a lot of time, money, and effort, especially if you’re going through the process of evicting your tenant yourself.

Thankfully, with JD Homes serving your eviction needs, you can have confidence that our team of eviction experts will handle all of your eviction needs so that you’re never alone during the eviction process.

Evictions in the Atlanta GA area no longer have to be a process that’s dreaded by landlords, our Atlanta eviction service ensures that our client’s evictions are done following the law and our landlord clients are never faced with a lawsuit after attempting to do a ‘self-help eviction’.

Dispossessory Eviction Services Breakdown

As we mentioned earlier, our dispossessory eviction in Atlanta GA team can provide you with the services that you need. so that your dispossessory eviction is completed following Georgia law.

The services that we can offer you include:

Filing of Dispossessory – Our team will file the dispossessory proceeding for you, against your tenant in the Fulton County Clerk’s Office.

Serving The Notice – Once filed, we will make sure that the dispossessory notice is serviced by the Marshall’s office. 

Court Appearance – If a day in court is necessary, you can count on us to represent your best interests in court.

Application of Writ of Possession – You can count on us to write and process the write of possession.

Eviction Labor – When it comes time to follow through with the eviction, you can also count on us to allocate the labor to schedule and execute the Atlanta eviction and then clearing the property out for your next tenant.

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