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How To Communicate With Tenants More Effectively

System - Tuesday, December 22, 2020

If you ask more tenants if they are satisfied with their landlords, they will tell you no because most landlords often fail at communicating with their tenants.

Thankfully, landlords can communicate with their tenants more effectively especially if they offer their tenants multiple ways to communicate with them including the following.


All landlords should embrace communication by text because of its instantaneous and provides landlords with the ability to offer their tenants instant answers.

Even though texting is convenient, landlords should consider offering their tenants the ability to communicate with them over text by Messenger, WhatsApp, or a similar service because if a tenant has their landlord's phone number, it’s likely that they may text their landlord frequently.

The great thing about using services like WhatsApp, or Messenger, is that additional services can be used like chatbots so that tenants can get answers to common questions without having to speak with a live person.


Although email isn’t as popular as it once was, it’s still an effective form of communication because most people have at least one email program on their phones and don’t think twice about checking email multiple times per day.

When it comes to saving time with email communication, landlords should create an autoresponder email address so that tenants email that accounts first before communicating with the landlord directly via email.


Last of all, is communication over the phone.

Instead of giving them their cell phone numbers, landlords should set up an answering service, or 1-800 line with pre-recorded answers to common questions. This will ensure that tenants can get answers to common questions before they speak with the landlord personally.

Hire A Property Manager

Last, of all, the most effective way for landlords to communicate with their tenants is to hire a property management company.

With a property manager, landlords can have confidence that their tenants will always have someone that they can communicate with to resolve their issues or renew their leases.

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